Shadow Demon VTuber

design by spooky, art by @harukissed, rigging by @ralphhyuuga


Spooky is a Shadow Demon VTuber creating variety content over on Twitch. Currently residing in the US with their husband, Puff, the two shadow demons spend their days playing video games and watching horror movies.Spooky is an autistic content creator that uses she/they pronouns and is bisexual. Puff, also autistic, uses he/him pronouns. You may see/hear Puff from time to time on Spooky's streams, however social anxiety keeps him pretty quiet the majority of the time.If you'd like to support Spooky and Puff, consider subbing to Twitch or donating!Spooky streams most days around 4:30pm CST.


Spooky comes from a dimension clad in shadows, affectionately called "The Shadow Realm". Tired of the same things day in and day out, Spooky (along with their beloved, Puff) decided to wander into the human realm. Unfortunately, humans didn't take too kindly to the true form of this shadow demon, thus how she acquired the name "Spooky".Attempting to make themselves appear more friendly, the two shadow demons decided to take on a more human-like form. For Spooky, however, this proved to be an arduous task. During their transformation, something went wrong. Due to this, Spooky's human body has many issues. This does not stop her from trying her best!Spooky's main goal is to make those around her happy. Going against the status-quo of the majority of shadow demon kind, she aims to make friends with all those she meets, as well as create a comfortable place for anyone to stop in for a rest. Additionally, they hopes to one day form their own shadow dimension to rules over; something far more accepting and exciting than the last place she and Puff resided.